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  • It’s shrimp time!

    It’s always cool to see your name in print.. here is the newest Crustaceana, with a little contribution by me. 🦐

    During my second master’s internship at Naturalis, I identified over a thousand of crabs from Inhaca Island, Mozambique. Between the countless crabs I sometimes found a shrimp.. which I of course quickly passed on to my advisor (a true shrimp expert). In this article we discuss the shrimp extensively, the crab results will be published separately. For one of the species of shrimp it is the first report for Mozambican waters. I wonder if they can still be found there today..

    The article is free to read online (Open Access), and can be found here: Crustaceana 97 (1-2). Be sure to give it a quick look, even if it’s only for the wonderful drawings done by my advisor!

  • Stay tuned!

    More crab things here soon! Or maybe not so soon.. it’s a work in progress.

    Corystes cassivelaunus, drawn by me.